What's CWM?

Championship Wrestling Multiverse is a live-stream series focused on the Fire Promoter mode of Fire Pro Wrestling World for the PC. You can subscribe on Twitch.

Essentially we make the hiring and firing decisions, put our merchandise, and book shows for a simulated professional wrestling promotion based in America with one twist: We let the CPU play the matches as a "shoot"- that is, a real fight, and we don't choose the winners. Wrestlers can get injured, unhappy about their pay, etc.

Boring technical info: It uses the default setup for a Showman-style promotion, including the default CAWs without any imports from the Workshop. We might do a 1970s-focused edition sometime. LMK if you're into that.

CWM History

Championship Wrestling Multiverse Year 1

Original stream: March 3rd 2019

Lots happened in our first stream which lasted over 6 hours! Personalities emerged, titles were won, grudges were held. I'll do a better summary here later, but here is the year-end summary for Fire Promoter mode.

... and the Year 1 ending roster.